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Popular Culture and Jesus


A few months ago, I joined a team of incredibly witty, brilliant, and sharp thinkers and writers over at Christ and Pop Culture. CaPC is an online magazine that supports Christian engagement with popular culture and encourages believers to be thoughtful critics of what they consume. In other words, we analyze things like television shows from a distinctly Christian perspective.

I’ve been remiss to blog here as often as I’d like because I’m focusing a lot of my creative exertion on my CaPC projects. The other writers and editors are nothing short of phenomenal, and it takes a lot of energy to stay up to speed. I am incredibly thrilled to be a writer there and have learned so much about writing thoughtfully, precisely, and faithfully from the staff.

If you haven’t already, check out Christ and Pop Culture. A lot of the content is free! If you want to up your game, there are memberships available for $5 a month. This gets you a lot of perks, including admission into a members-only Facebook group where you get to interact with the staff. That might sound sort of lame, but it’s actually an incredibly lively conversation with a lot of intellectual musings, civil disagreement and brilliant retorts. I’ve been in the church for my entire life, and this is the most ecumenical dialogue I’ve ever experienced. The thoughtful discussion, even amongst people who disagree, has challenged and inspired me in so many ways.

As much as I’d love for you to consider membership, my real purpose here is to let you in on why I’ve been so quiet recently, other than Em’s monthly updates. I’m hoping to be more consistent as I sharpen my writing skills. But in the meantime, keep up with me over at CaPC! 🙂